Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sams mini autobiography

Here is the autobiography that Sam wrote for the first day of school. I was really hoping that he would explain a little more about his condition or family, but this is what he came up with. We are now working on another one that goes a little deeper. Enjoy!

My name is Samuel Markus Bench. I was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1995. When I was just over one month old I was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This means that my bones are fragile and tend to break fairly easy. This is why I use a wheelchair most of the time.
I have attended many schools. I went to pre-school at Wee-Care here in Hemet. I started kindergarten at Studebaker Elementary in Norwalk. Then we moved back to Hemet and I went to Whittier Elementary and then to San Jacinto Elementary. After kindergarten I went to Fruitvale Elementary for 1st and 2nd grade. We moved again and I went to Hemet Elementary for the first part of third grade. I changed schools during third grade because I was in a wheelchair Hemet Elementary was not set up for me to be able to get around easily. So I changed schools again and went to Bautista Creek. I stayed there through the 5th grade. For the 6th grade I went to Dartmouth Middle school. And finally last year I transferred to Riversprings, and am still here.
I enjoy playing video games. My favorite game right now is Battlefield II for the computer. I also have a Playstation 2, a GameBoy SP, and a Nintendo DS Lite. I really want an X-box 360 or a Wii. When I get older I would like to work on designing video games. I already have a few ideas in my head.


SSquyres said...

Sam I look forward to seeing your game ideas become reality. Dream big and keep learning. You can make it happen. You are a wonderful young man. I love your smile.

Reed Rugrats Grandma Sharon

Kara said...

Sam-I'm older than you (28!) but I have OI too and just wanted to say you're an excellent writer. Keep it up and I look forward to your video games too. Can you make a few for the Wii-that's the only console I like! LOL!

Karyn Reed said...

Hey, he doesn't even mention that he has a sister, or a mother for that matter. He says a whole lot about his video games. Guess that says what is important to him, doesn't it?

Christy said...

LOL @ Karyn's comment.

Sam, you and Tim should get together to work on your video game ideas!! Who knows, you could start up the next Blizzard or EA Sports!!

I think you're awesome! :)

Karyn Reed said...

Hi Terry,
I nominated you for an award: