Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Trip To The ER

This past Saturday Sam and I took a trip to the Loma Linda ER. He had been complaining of pain in his right hip for a coulple of days and suddenly was unable to walk. So off we went. I thought on the way out there that it would be a faily easy semi-short trip. It was a Saturday late morning, the BEST time to go to the ER (if you HAVE to go). We arrived at 11am and were in the back with the doctor by 11:30..told you its the best time to go. The Dr decided that she would run some x-rays to see if they could find any signs of new fractures. The results came back and as far as she could tell there was nothing. But just to be sure she called the orthopedics team to see if she could be missing something. So Ortho came down to take a look. They messed with Sams legs and decided that they wanted to do a CT Scan and run some blood work. So that was all done. The CT showed nothing out of the ordinary, BUT his blood work showed signs of infection. Now mind you it doesn't tell you what kind of infection or where the infection might be.
So now this brought up a whole new worry. Now they were thinking he might have an infection in his hip joint. So he had to have an ultra-sound done on both hips to see if there was any sign of fluid that could indicate infection. Long story short, there was no fluid so they still dont know why he is having pain and unable to walk. Plus they have no idea why his blood work is showing signs of infection. Now we just have to get an appointment with the ortho DR, who I do not like, to see if he can find out what the problem is.
Hey I bet you I can tell you right now what he is going to say..... He will say that it is because Sam is over weight and that if he lost weight that he would no longer have these problems.....

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Christy said...

But doesn't his condition kind of limit the amount of physical activity he can do? Grrr... doctors are such pills sometimes.

I'll be praying for you.