Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just a leisurely Saturday

Today was just a nice a quiet day. Not a whole lot going on. I was suppose to baby sit for the Dowalters but they decided to stay home. Sam and I went over to their house around noon to go swimming...ok so Sam went swimming with Jeron and the boys while Val and the baby and I hung out in the house.
My bestest friend(yes it is a word), Karyn called and invited us all to go have lunch at this neat little pizza place in Riverside/Moreno Valley. We had lots of fun. It is called Johns something or other...cant remember the exact name. Any ways it is basically a Chuck E Cheese on steroids! You cant go in unless you get the buffet which was actually pretty good. Though they did have a hard time keeping up with the demand. They have all kinds of pizza (much better than CEC) pastas, baked potatoes, salad, bread sticks, and a dessert bar where they make little doughnuts that taste like funnel cakes.....yummm
Instead of tokens you put your "credits" on a little bar coded card. Any tickets you receive for playing games you take to this little machine and they are transfered to your card. Its great because you do not have to use your credits or tickets all on one trip. You can save them. Plus if you join their VIP you earn "pizza bucks" that you can use to purchase food, credits, or merchandise. You also get coupons and a free meal during your month of birthday...pretty cool huh!
After that we just took my mom home and came home to wait for Gabi to return from Matt's.
Now I am just getting ready to head for a little BIBLE reading and then to bed. Gotta be up early for church tomorrow!

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