Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a week

I had a pretty good week. I actually got a few things accomplished, had some fun with the kids, and a laugh or two thrown in.

My week started out as any normal week for me. My little munchkin Ayden came over plus I had the Anna 3. What I didnt know is that sadly my sweet Ayden was only going to be with me on Monday, he has not been back at all this week. I really missed him. So Monday was fairly uneventful.
On Tuesday I had the Anna brood again. i had to cancel my morning meeting..sad..(but reschedualed for next week) and in the afternoon attended my PTSO meeting at Sams school. For those of you who are wondering it is the Parent Teacher Student Organization. (kind of like PTA) We discussed fundraisers and events that will be coming in the next 2 months. In the evening I went to Womens Walk in Grace. I really need to finnish unpacking so I can find my book...I know it is around here somewhere!
Wednesday we went to the movies. The free movies that is this week was Jonah A VeggieTales Movie and The Last Mimzy. Mom took the older kids to see mimzy and I took the younger ones to see Jonah. In the evening we got ready for church and I decided that I would relax for just a minute, after all I still had an hour before church....BIG MISTAKE! At 7 Gabi came in my room and asked "arent we going to church tonight?" (church starts at 630) I really need to remember to take my Iron, if I dont all I do is sleep!
Thurday, well for some reason I cannot remember what the kids and I did at all! Oh yeah I had an extra little boy at my house on Thursday. He was too cute! I do know that in the evening Sam went and stayed at the Annas and Gabi had two of her teenage girls stay the night....they GIGGLED ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!
So far not nothing interesting has happened........Just wait Friday is next!
I woke up with a MAJOR allergy headache. So when the Anna crew arrived I put on a movie for the girls and Sawyer and I cuddled on the couch. He was asleep in an instant! Suddenly I heard my screen door open followed by the door slowly opening! There stood a dead teenage boy!!! Okay so he wasnt dead till after he opended the door. How dare this little punk just walk in to my house!!!! I was one of Gabis little friends boyfriend...boy did he get an earful for thinking he could just walk in to my house! A while later Shirley and I went to the DUM N VEE (DMV) and paid for the registration on the van and took it to get smogged ( Yay it passed). As I was comming home my darling daughter had one of her little friends call to tell me that the Reeds dog Missy got out of our yard (oh yeah I was doggy sitting as well). For those of you who know me you know that when it comes to dogs I do not have the greatest of luck with these creatures! SO the flock of teenagers was out in the neighborhood trying to catch poor scared Missy. This silly dog ran accross the street to my neighbors house and proceeded to jump up on the roof of one of there cars. Gabi tried to get her down but instead she jumped to the roof of another car and proceeded to pee on the windshield of said car! Have I mentioned that WE ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT DOG PEOPLE!!!!! But it all ended well. Missy came back to the house with out too much more drama for the rest of the day. I know she was very excited to be home when I took her home in the evening.
So all in all it was a pretty boring week!

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