Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just a little post

I haven't blogged in a while and decided that maybe it was time I came in and said a few words.

This weekend the kids and I were treated to an awesome mini vacation. A dear family treated us to a weekend at Disneyland and California Adventure. We left on Saturday afternoon stopped in Yorba Linda and had lunch at Olive Garden. YUMMY. Gabi really enjoyed the drive thru Yorba Linda although she was disappointed that I wouldn't stop and let the shirtless boys wash the car. Then we headed out to Anaheim. We stayed at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. It was a very nice hotel. They gave Sam 3 free trading pins so he was very happy. (for those of you who don't know, Disney has pin trading which the Reeds introduced Sam to) The kids and I went to California Adventure for awhile before dinner. We went on the Monsters Inc ride and watched the Drawing Disney show. It was really pretty cute. Then we went to Downtown Disney and met up with our friends for dinner at the Jazz Kitchen. After dinner we all went to Disneyland and went on a few rides. Then all the girls left and went back to the hotel. I let Gabi go and explore the lobby for awhile by herself. Sam stayed at Disneyland with the boys. Then we watched the fireworks from the hotel balcony. They were still to loud for me but I think that is mainly because I am having a little trouble with my hearing....getting old you know!
On Sunday morning we went to the Storybook Cafe and had breakfast with the Disney characters. That was really neat. I just wish I had a camera. After breakfast I thought we were going to meet up with our friends again at Disneyland, BUT NOOOO OUR FRIENDS DITCHED US!!! But the kids and I still had a good time. I went on Splash Mountain with Sam....Not cool! Sam wanted us to sit in the front. Fine except we get to the front and Sam cant sit there because he is not 5 feet all yet. So I have to sit in the front. Ummmm what I didn't know is that the bigger the person is that is in the front the wetter you get. Well you all know me...I am quite "fluffy" so I was SOAKED from the top of my head to my ankles. Some how my socks and shoes stayed dry. Sam got wet too but not like me.
Later in the day we went back over to California Adventure. Soaring Over California is probably one on my favorite rides now! We tried to go on the new Toy Story Ride. I say try because, well, we waited in line for an hour then finally got on the ride we were ready to play and then the ride broke down. :( We ended up stuck on the ride for about an hour. They had to bring Sam's wheelchair around to us which was very hilarious. The girl that they had drive it was terrified. I told her that she could add wheelchair driver to her resume now. We left the parks around 7pm and came home. It was a nice little vacation but it would have been better if our friends hadn't ditched us.


Karyn Reed said...

Hey, you erased my beautiful comment from your last post. how rude. I am glad you had fun at Disneyland. Wish I could have gone with you and shown you all the best places to trade pins. Maybe next time.

mindy said...

Hey! It took me this long to find your blog! Now I am a faithful reader, though, because you are on my google reader. :) Glad you had fun at Disneyland! We missed you on Sunday, though!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. We got ditched when we went together too. I think they had to go to a wedding or something the next morning...but still :(