Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Out Numbered

Its not very often that this happens. But every now and the Gabi and I become the minority. I have a house full of little (and not so little) boys tonight. Nathanael and Matthew Reed have come to spend the night. Well once their little brother Jonathan found out that they were spending the night he just HAD to stay at Miss Terry's too! So the count is boys 4 girls 2......Boys win.

Today was my moms birthday. I still have no idea what to get her. Maybe while I run her around tomorrow I will be able to find something special. Jason, Karyn and the kids (I almost said the boys..sorry Grace I didnt mean to almost forget you) bought her a big bunch of balloons and a birthday hat. They gave them to her at our church wide Bar-B-Q that we had tonight. I wish I had felt better because I really wanted to be able to enjoy it. Hopefully on Friday when we have our Sunday School Bar-B-Q I will be feeling better.

Well I am obviously getting very tired. i can tell because I feel like I am rambling on and on with nothing important to say.

Good Night world. I will try to be better tomorrow!

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